On 19 and 20 September, CARTIF hosted the BUILDSPACE project consortium for its first plenary session. The partners, after their launch meeting held last February in Athens, met again at the technology centre’s facilities in order to review the status of the activities that are underway and to analyse those that will be carried out over the coming months.

During the meeting, special emphasis was placed on the user interfaces of the tools and platform being developed within the framework of the project, through a series of internal co-creation for the consortium. This platform aims to integrate terrestrial data from buildings with aerial images from drones equipped with thermal cameras and terrestrial location data. It will provide decision support services for energy efficient buildings and climate resilient cities.

The aim of the BUILDSPACE project is to create innovative spaces for energy efficient buildings and climate resilient cities. To achieve this, it will seek to engage stakeholders in the building value chain in a co-creation process to design innovative applications to help in this transition. Throughout its process, it will develop novel services in the sector using Digital Twins to support the construction, renovation and monitoring of buildings, and link them with city-scale services to enable urban environmental analysis, forecasting and climate resilience. All these services will be validated in four European cities with different climate profiles: at building level, a new building will be constructed in Poland; and at city level, they will be developed in Piraeus, Riga and Ljubljana.

The CARTIF research team involved in this proposal will be in charge of engaging users and stakeholders for the co-creation of technical use cases and applications; coordinating and carrying out the specific activities to ensure the development, deployment and validation of the project platform and services; development, implementation and validation of the BUILDSPACE service at city scale through “Built Environment Climate Scenarios”; contributing to the building level services generation and enrichment of the Digital Twin, and at city scale; evaluation and testing of the services in the four pilots spread across Europe.

The BUILDSPACE project consortium is composed of CARTIF, SPACE, SingularLogic, University of Cambridge, Mobics SA, Mostostal Warszawa, National Technical University of Athens, Riga Planning Region, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Nazka Mapps, ALDA, ECMWF, Municipality of Piraeus, IMZI.

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