Development of web platforms for data visualization, analysis and evaluation


We have extensive experience in new business models and in the use of our tangible and intangible heritage, in the orientation towards quality cultural tourism based on experiences, and in providing new strategies for local and territorial development on online platforms to revitalize Historic centers at the urban level and reverse depopulation at the rural level.

Our service:

  • Development of platforms for the integration of all types of records, graphics (2D / 3D), technologies and sensors, creating applications and databases that allow owners and administrators to properly manage Cultural Assets locally or remotely.


Our value:

  • Remote management systems for preventive conservation in urban environments or in rural areas.
  • Integration of security systems through dynamic video surveillance in archaeological or open access environments of heritage interest.
  • Definition of appropriate indicators and their registration and monitoring through web platforms that allow analyzing the impact of the actions and policies implemented at the urban and rural levels.

Projects of reference:

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