FUSILLI, one of the five-member projects of EU FOOD 2030, will be in charge of organizing the next quarterly meeting of the cluster which will take place in June 2023. These sessions, framed within the joint initiatives between projects, share the progress of each of the proposals for the sustainable transformation of the European food system.

EU FOOD 2030 deals with a self-coordinated approach, with representatives from each of the member projects, join initiatives such as expanding the collective scope through the development of communication and dissemination strategies between projects, holding webinars, workshops or activities, such as has been carried out during the Terra Madre event in Turin, in which key knowledge and practical improvements are shared, and the impact of the projects is maximized, to be sealed with the signing of a Manifesto of the Family of Projects EU FOOD 2030.

The cluster wants to unify the communications and key messages of the projects into political directives for the European Union, such as a joint declaration of support for the open consultation of the European Commission about initiatives for sustainable food systems for the legislative framework of the same.

The objective of EU FOOD 2030 is to remain active in the future and gradually incorporate new specialized projects in the sector to establish a fundamental link that allows the sharing of knowledge, results and synergistic tools that increase the effectiveness of the financing of the EU and have a greater collective influence in the transformation of the European food system.

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