After three years of efforts, NUTRIMAN project organizes an online final conference on September 16. During this day, the consortium partners who have worked on this initiative about the production of innovative biological fertilizers, will present the latest results achieved from the studies carried out and they will explain future opportunities for all the agents involved in the sector.  

NUTRIMAN, the thematic nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient management network, intends to transfer all the knowledge gathered throughout this latest research to professionals in the agriculture and food industry sectors for their knowledge and future implementation. One of the most important objectives of both sectors is to optimize and guarantee the transition of resources in the long term, and NUTRIMAN has been working on discovering the keys that can guarantee it.

In addition, this project has developed an online platform on nutrient recycling technologies for both chemical elements, which has 81 carefully selected products and technologies. This platform, specially designed for farmers, has a base that offers extensive information of value for all agents involved in the agriculture sector about fertilizers of biological origin and the benefits of their use, which can be reflected in the future of your business.

Some of the highlights of NUTRIMAN’s results and impacts are:

  1. Collection and distribution of easily accessible practice-oriented information on the topic area of nitrogen and phosphorus recovery.
  2. Keep all this knowledge for another ten years after the final of the project.
  3. Increase the flow of practical information among farmers in Europe.
  4. Achieve greater acceptance by users of the Farmer Platform solutions compiled on the NUTRIMENT website and an intense dissemination of existing knowledge.

You can register for the final NUTRIMAN conference at the following link.

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