Optimization of anaerobic digestion processes in pilot plant: biogas


Anaerobic digestion or biomethanization is the most appropriate biological process for the energy use of some residues from livestock farms or agri-food industries. Biogas is obtained for use as an alternative fuel to fossils (natural gas), and also a liquid residue (digestate) suitable for adaptation as a fertilizer.
The production of biogas and the subsequent use of digestate make up a sustainable process, respectful with the environment and aligned with the concept of Circular Economy.

Our service:

  • We analyze and transform agro-food and livestock waste into biogas, valuing digestate.
  • We study and optimize anaerobic digestion processes of different residues in a pilot plant.
  • We determine the technical feasibility of biomethanization processes.

Our value:

  • CARTIF has a highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience in anaerobic digestion technology.
  • CARTIF has a two-phase anaerobic digestion pilot plant (20 L/day) that allows to reproduce different operating conditions.

Projects of reference:

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