CARTIF technology centre has been the venue of the ARISE project kick-off meeting. Members of the organisation that make up the consortium, from different parts of Europe, met to establish the first steps of an initiative designed to strengthen European Industry through the implementation of human-robot interactions (HRI) in their processes.

The researches from different parts of Europe developed the working sessions on 23 and 24 of January to start working in the project, which will last 42 months. The consortium is composed of CARTIF, FIWARE, EPROSIMA, PAL ROBOTICS, DEMOS HELSINKI, POLITECNICO di MILANO, INTELLIMECH, FundingBox, ALGEBRAIC AI, and ENGINEERING.

The project, funded within the Horizon Europe framework and coordinated by CARTIF in collaboration with the FIWARE Foundation, originated from the need to create an efficient collaboration between human and robots to generate resilient and sustainable working environments. ARISE project aims to strengthen the industry, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence capabilities for robotic ecosystems, with open source, real-time middleware for communications in industrial robotic applications, based on powerful industry standards such as FIWARE, Vulcanexus and FastDDS while respecting ethical aspects.

To implement this, the project will deploy industrial HRI on a large scale across four Testing and Experimentation facilities (TEFs) and over twenty workplaces throughout Europe, thanks to a financial support for experiments implemented by third parties such as HRI providers (startups and SMEs) and end-user companies in Europe.

CARTIF team involved in the project, in addition to overall coordination of the project, will be in charge of providing technical support for the third parties’s experiments, as well as being responsible for the establishment, operation and maintenance of the Testing and Experimentation facilities (TEFs), including the formalisation of use cases in human-robot interaction(HRI).

We would like to generate with the ARISE project a new open middleware that helps European companies to generate robotic applications in an agile and robust way so that human-robot interaction in different works environments becomes a reality tomorrow while respecting the ethical and security standards that distinguish Europe”, explains Mireya de Diego Moro, ARISE project manager at CARTIF.

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