Development of Plans for Urban Mobility in Cities and for Companies


Development of an Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan, where a set of actuations are defined with the objective to implant means of transport more sustainable (walking, bicycle, public transport) inside the urban environment; that is, the means of transport that would be compatible economic development, social cohesion and defence of the environment, guaranteeing this way a better quality of life for the citizens.


Our service:

  • Diagnosis of the current mobility model and its socioeconomic, functional and environmental consequences.
  • Identification of future needs of mobility.
  • Definition of Strategies and acting Lines.
  • Definition of a new model of Mobility more sustainable for the citizens..


Our value:

  • Wide previous experience in development of “Smart City” strategies with a set of European cities, as well as the availability of several tools for decision making.


Projects of reference:


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