Detection of vapours and nanoparticles

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The Security area of CARTIF develop technologies based on the differential analysis of mobility for the detection of chemistry compounds and ultrafine particles in gas phase. This technology has been applied in the Security and Defence area (explosies detection, weapons, drugs, etc.) Environmental Security (ultrafine particles issued by vehicles, dioxines, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), Health (detection of viral particles and early diagnosis of diseases through breath analysis), Food (organoleptic characterisation of food such as olive oil) and Mining (prospecting for mineral deposits through volatile analysis).


  • Development of tailor-made analytical instrumentation based on the combination of:
    • Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS).
    • Triple quadrupole mass spectometry (MS/MS) and fligh time (TOF).
    • Multi-capillary gas chromatography.
    • Electrospray secondary ionisation (ESI) and photoionisation at atmospheric pressure.
  • Development of field sampling campaigns in multiple settings (international airports, military camps, hospitals, vehicles).

Activity Fields

  • Security and Defence
  • Environmental Science (aerosols)
  • Health
  • Mining

Networks and Platforms

  • PESI.
  • CERIS – Security Research Community of Users


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Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Head of Industrial and Digital Systems Division

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