Testing of chemical and thermal recycling processes of plastics


348 Mt of plastic were produced worldwide in 2017, most of it reaching the oceans. Today plastic is the product of daily use that generates the greatest ecological damage globally and one of the main threats to the planet in the 21st century.
The chemical and thermal recycling of plastics (PE, PET, PU foams, carbon fibers) is based on the valorization through molecular or thermal decomposition and subsequent recovery of monomers to manufacture new plastics, all following sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. Environment and aligned with the concept of Circular Economy.

Our service:

  • We offer an innovative solution to the clients to take advantage of their plastic waste.
  • We carry out chemical and thermal recycling tests in our pilot plants.
  • We study technical and economic viabilities of processes.

Our value:

  • CARTIF has extensive experience in chemical and thermal recycling technology and in the analysis of factors that condition the process according to the type of plastic to be recycled.
  • CARTIF advises to clients on the “turnkey” installation of a recycling plant adapted to their needs..

Projects of reference:

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