Development of Strategic Plans for Cities


Development of an strategic plan for any single city or region through a participative process that would allow tackling the urban phenomena from an integrated point of view. Its definition follows a systematic, creative and participative process that will determine the foundations for an integrated action in the mid-term (temporal horizon 2030, 2050).


Our service:

PHASE 1.- Identification of problems, strengths and challenges.
PHASE 2.- Formulation for the strategic overview to 2030.
PHASE 3.- Development of actuation lines and identification of potential financing lines.
PHASE 4.- Definition and prioritisation for the set of actions.
PHASE 5.- Definition of indicators of tracing and evaluation for the execution of the plan.
PHASE 6.- Synthesis document of the Strategic Plan.


Our value:

  • Large previous experience with “Smart City” Strategies development for a variety of European cities.
  • Availability of several tools to present and analyse different energetic scenarios, with the temporal horizon 2030.


Projects of reference:

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