Evaluation of Plans of Action for the Climate and Energy Sustainable (PACES)


The Covenant of Mayors requires the compromise of following-up every two years after the adoption of its Action Plan, and evaluate the degree of fulfilment related with the objectives of mitigation and adaptation.
The service consists of the periodic monitoring of the action plans, through the evaluation frames available in CARTIF and the set of more than 200 indicators developed, in order to evaluate the degree of compliment of the compromises for the reduction of greenhouse gases. Moreover, the adequacy to the strategies of adaptation to climate change and their degree of execution are also evaluated.


Our service:

  • Report showing the degree of enhancement reached with the implementation of the measurements included into the action plan.
  • Calculation of the inventory of emissions by sector.
  • Calculation of the local energy generation.
  • Calculation of the energy consumption per energy source.
  • BEI (Base Emission Inventory) actualization.
  • Support for the necessary transactions through the “Covenant of Mayors” web page.


Our value:

  • Large previous experience with “Smart City” strategies evaluation with a range of European cities, as well as the availability of a consolidated evaluation frame.on.


Projects of reference:

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