Design, implementation and validation of Positive Energy Districts


ATELIER is a demonstration project whose main objective is the design, implementation and validation of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) in Amsterdam and Bilbao, avoiding 1.7kton of CO2 emissions, through the integration of smart urban solutions which will facilitate the deployment of the PEDs and consequently ensure their replication in the six fellow cities.

In addition, cities will work on the definition of a City Vision to face the decarbonization of the energy system of the city by 2050. For covering this purpose, working groups in each city will be stablished and tools and methodologies to support policy makers and urban planner along the decision-making process will be developed.



  • Reduction of CO2 emissions through the deployment of smart urban solutions, facilitating their integration, local renewable energy production and high energy efficiency.
  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange for the implementation and replication of PEDs through the participation of the main stakeholders (public authorities, knowledge institutions, industry, and citizens) due to ATELIER’s network creation.


CARTIF will participate in the following actions:

  • Deployment of smart urban solutions for the definition of Bilbao’s PED located in Zorrotzaure island : Smart energy management systems in buildings, low temperature heat and cold network, smart mobility services, etc.
  • Replicability strategy definition leadership, as well as its deployment to deliver six replicability plans in the six fellows cities.

Expected results

  • Increase in the use of renewable energy, waste heat recovery and energy storage solutions integrated in the energy system.
  • PEDs development and deployment leadership.
  • Energy efficiency improvement and an optimized self-consumption at district level.
  • Improvement of electric mobility solutions.
  • Air quality in lighthouse cities improvement.
  • a huge catalogue of innovative solutions highly replicable.


City of Amsterdam City of Bilbao
CARTIF De Waag Society
Amsterdam Univsersity of Applied Scienes Steinbeis Europa Zemtrum
Zabala Innovation Consulting Eddwin Oostmeijer projectontowikkeling
República Development VOF PSI
City of Krakow City of Copenhagen
City of Bratislava City of Budapest
City of Matoshinos City of Riga
AMS Institute Spectral
Waternet DNV GL
Greenchoice Civiesco
Fraunhofer ITWM Cluster de Energía



H2020-SCC-2019 – GA864374

Budget: 20,3 M€
EC Contribution: 19,6 M€
Duration: 01/11/2019 – 31/10/2024


Estefanía Vallejo

Division of Energy


Smart cities projects:



REMOURBAN’s objective is to develop and validate in three lighthouse cities (Valladolid-Spain, Nottingham-UK and Tepebaşı-Turkey) an urban, holistic and replicable regeneration model that facilitates the process of transforming urban environments into more sustainable and intelligent areas.

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