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Pathway towards Climate-Neutrality through low risky and fully replicable Positive Clean Energy Districts


NEUTRALPATH has as an objective demonstrate that the deployment of Positive and Clean Energy Districts (PCED) designed through participative processes focused on the citizen is profitable and that contributes significantly to the transformation of cities towards climate-neutrality in the time horizon 2030, achieving to accelerate this process reaching reduction of emissions of  scope 2.

The cities of Dresden (Germany) and Zaragoza (Spain), with wide experience un urban transformation processes and committed to reach climate-neutrality in 2030, will implement twi positive energy districts acting as Lighthouse Cities. Both cities will be pioneers in this process creating a Urban laboratory of Climate-Neutrality (CN-Lab) desgined as innovation hub to catalyse the co-creation processes through the participation of all the relevant agents. The cities of Estambul (Turkey), Gante (Belgium) and Vantaa (Finland), in its role of Partner Cities, will also implement their own Urban Laboratories and work together with Lighthouse Cities to ensure the replicability of the actions implemented in the five cities and in other european cities.

With the objective of favouring the replicability and to maximize the impact of the project, NEUTRALPATH will establish a collaboration framework with other initiatives and european projects working on the field of climate-neutrality, with a remarkable role of the European Cities Mission, the Lighthouse projects, the Marketplace of Smart Cities or the Majors Alliance.


      • To implement 5 urban labs of climate-neutrality in the lighthouse cities and partner cities.
      • Define innovative strategies of governance that allows the improvement of administrative, financial and political processes to reach climate-neutrality in 2030.
      • Design and demonstrate technic, economic and socially the deployment of the two positive energy districts combining measures of reduction of the demand, masive deployment of renewable energies and electric mobility actions.
      • Define the metrics to evaluate the energy balance and positive energy districts emissions.
      • Evaluate the contribution of positive energy districts to the urban transformation at long term through promoting transferability, scalability and replicability.


      • Contribute to the design of Climate Contracts of the European Cities Mission through the developed learning in the framework of the project
      • Contribute to the design of the positive enregy districts evaluation mechanisms with focus on the energetic and emissions balance.
      • Improve the functionalities of existing tools to support the design of positive energy districts.

      Expected Results

      • Guides and recommendations for the implementation of Climate Contracts to reach the climate-neutrality through the deployment of Positive and Clean Energy Districts.
      • Development and improvement of the functionalities of existing tools of support to design of positive energy districts.

      R&D Line

      • Development of methodologies and tools for the design of strategies of urban transformation in cities.



      • Fundación CARTIF
      • Fundación CIRCE
      • Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza
      • Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza vivienda
      • Veolia Servicios Lecam
      • GIROA
      • ONYX Solar Energy
      • ITESAL
      • Ariño Duglass
      • Sociedad Aragonesa de Rehabilitación Energética
      • Landeshauptstadt Dreden
      • EA Systems Dresden
      • VONOVIA SE
      • VONOVIA Energie Service
      • Sachsenenergie
      • Sachsennetze HS.HD
      • Drewag Stadtwerke Dresden
      • Sachsennetze
      • Technische Universitaet Dresden
      • Wid Wohnen in Dreden
      • STESAD
      • Demir Enerji
      • Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
      • Stad Gent
      • Universiteit Gent
      • Vantaan Kaupunki
      • Fundación TECNALIA
      • Three o´clock
      • Fondazione ICONS
      • RINA Consulting


      Horizon Europe


      Total Budget: 23,932,617.34€

      CARTIF Budget: 1,025,000€

      CARTIF Funding: 1,025,000€

      Duration : 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2027


      Miguel Ángel García

      Energy Division


      Smart Cities Projects:



      ASCEND aims to accelerate the implementation of Positive Clean Energy Districts (PCEDs) for the transformation of cities towards climate neutrality and social justice in Europe. To this end, Ascend will carry out the following measures.

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      The project has as main objective to quantify the impact of the massive deployment of autonomous and connected mobility solutions in Europe through the development of a tool based in systems dynamic that will be build as of citizens and organizations perceptions collected in co-creation activities.

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      REHOUSE project has as main objective the development and demonstration, up to TRL7, of 8 renovation innovative technologies packages, designed for covering a wide range of building renovation actions, allowing overcome the actual barriers that makes the renovation rates in Europe being low.

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      NetZeroCities recognisses the need for cities to develop specific strategies that are tailores to suit local and regional contexts, and will support them by aggregated and co-desgined services and thematic expertise through a one-stop-shop platform accessible to all cities through an online portal (Mission Platform)

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      REMOURBAN’s objective is to develop and validate in three lighthouse cities (Valladolid-Spain, Nottingham-UK and Tepebaşı-Turkey) an urban, holistic and replicable regeneration model that facilitates the process of transforming urban environments into more sustainable and intelligent areas.

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