Renovation Packages for holistic improvement of EU´s buildings efficiency, maximizing RES generation and cost-effectiveness


REHOUSE project has as main objective the development and demonstration, until TRL7, of 8 renovation packages of innovative technologies, designed to cover a wide range of building renovation actions, allowing to overcome the current barriers that make renovation rates in Europe very low. The renovation packages will be deployed and validated in 4 demonstrators located in Greece, Italy, France and Hungary. During the design and development of these renovation packages, the following main axes will be considered: circularity, multi-functionality, premanufacturing, respect for the aesthetic and heritage value of the building.


  • To implement a strategy of social commitment through a focus in people, and the creation of groups of social work.
  • Develop renovation packages from its current TRL4/5 to its validation at laboratory scale at a TRL6 maturity level.
  • Promote the implementation of coherent work flow based in BIM (Building Information Modelling), and deploying a digital register of the building (DBL, Digital Building Logbook), to adapt, simplify and deploy a methodology of Integrated Projects (IPD, Integrated Project Delivery) during the activities of a renovation project, including the design, construction (rehabilitation) and building operation (performance) phases.
  • Deploy the 8 renovation packages in 4 building demonstratorS for its validation in an operative environment reaching TRL7.
  • Develop new business models and definition of a clear and robust plan in its way towards market [TRL 9], by boosting to this end the scalability and replicability of the renovation packages. 


  • Project coordination.
  • Definition of the taxonomy of the renovation packages and generation of a digital repository of products.
  • Development of the renovation package replication plan beyond REHOUSE project.
  • Support on the definition of the evaluation methodology and monitoring of the different actions of the project.
  • Support on the definition and deployment of the BIM-IPD methodology.

Expected Results

  • Overcome the barriers that make renovation rates in Europe very low.

R&D Line

  • Research about urban platforms based in open specifications including help decision making systems.
  • Building digitalization and generation of digital twins.


Horizon Europe

Nº 101079951


Total Budget: 12,561,346.95€

CARTIF Budget: 1,015,000€

CARTIF Funding: 1,015,000€

Duration: 01/10/2022 – 30/09/2026


Project Manager

Sonia Álvarez Díaz

Energy Division


Javier Antolín Gutiérrez

Energy Division


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