100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030


NetZeroCities (NZC) will support Europe in its ambition to achieve climate neutrality before 2050 (EU´s Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”, part of the Horizon Europe programme). This level of impact is an extraordinary undertaking for each and every city, and will require profound and systemic changes.

NetZeroCities recognises the need for cities to develop specific strategies that are tailored to suit local and regionals contexts, an will support them by aggregated and codesigned services and thematic expertise through a one-stop-shop platform accessible to all cities through an online portal (Mission Platform).

In addition, the project will support up to 30 pilots in European cities to help drive rapid learning about how to achieve climate neutrality at city scales. Cities will benefit from an intensive support relationship and dedicated services to achieve their net-zero goals, including the Climate-neutral City Contract as an enabling instrument.


  • Develop the full concept and iterative process for Climate City Contracts (CCC), aligned with the Cities´Mission.
  • Establish the One-Stop-Shop platform (Mission platform) to help cities accelerate their transition to climate neutrality.
  • Support the successful implementation of 30 large scale pilots (EU cities) and up to 90 Twin Cities (replication activities).
  • Design services to support cities´transition through proven solutions structured in thematic areas.
  • Intensive cities´support relationship through City Guides to navigate the platform.


CARTIF actively participates in the following project actions:

  • Iterative Signatory Process for CCC and cohort cities support for Action Planning. 
  • Development of MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) framework and NetZeroCities indicator sets.
  • Design of expert services for deploying climate neutral actions.
  • Analysis of solutions, co-benefits and barriers to adoption.
  • Provide tailored advisory services and expert support for designing and demonstrating solutions for the selected pilots through the Platform.

Expected Results

  • 30 EU Cities neutral by 2030.
  • NZC one-stop-shop Platform (Mission platform, to provide continued support to cities as part of the EU´s long-term vision to be climate neutral by 2050).
  • Design of expert services and tailored support to EU cities.




Total Budget: 52,996,604.88 €
Contribution: 52,996,604.88 €
Duration: 10/2021 – 09/2025

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