Technological Offer

Monitoring of environmental variables for sustainable management of the territory and its natural resources 


We select and measure territorial and environmental variables for efficient and sustainable management of natural resources in agriculture, forests, cities and natural spaces.

We respond to the needs of climate change adaptation of efficient and sustainable agroforestry crops, we help to develop strategies to create greener cities, and we evaluate the ecosystem services provided by natural spaces.

Our service

  • Greener cities
    • Zoning of the territory for the establishment of green infrastructures and strategic renaturation in cities. 
    • Studies of accessibility to green infrastructures. 
    • Monitoring of ecosystem services: air quality, biodiversity, connectivity. 
    • Predictive models of runoff and infiltration for the planning of nature-based blue infrastructure: SUDs, flood plains, etc. 
  • Agroforestry production and management
    • Development of indices and tools for the identification of degraded areas and the development of restoration strategies. 
    • Advanced forest management.
    • Optimization of inputs in agriculture and adaptation of crops through soil monitoring and meteorological variables.
    • Study of climatic variables for adaptation of crops and forest management to climate change. 
    • Evaluation of potential in agroforestry systems: agricultural production, biomass, etc. 
  • Improvement of the natural environment
    • Multilevel of the natural environment. 
    • Geo-temporal maps of the evolution of variables.
    • Biodiversity studies. 

Our value

We rely on the use of GIS technologies for the evaluation of climate data, air quality, satellite images (Copernicus), etc., together with monitoring using sensors installed in situ. Our experience and multidisciplinary team allow us to respond to planning needs in several aspects of the territory, environmental management and the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources. 

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