Nature-based Solutions for the local adaptation of education and social buildings against Climate Change


Application of Nature-Based Solutions for local adaptation of educational and social buildings to Climate Change.

Climate change is now recognised as one of the most serious environmental, social and economic challenges facing the world. Implementing measures that enhance resilience and enable sustainable development can accelerate adaptation to climate change.

Over the coming decades climate change will add to the pressure on Europe’s schools and colleges as well as its social service centres. The impacts of climate change, such as heat waves and changes in annual and seasonal rainfall, are affecting the health and well-being of children and elderly people who are the main users.


  • The overall objective of the LIFE-myBUILDINGisGREEN project is to contribute to increasing the resilience of social buildings and educational centres by implementing nature-based solutions as prototypes of climate adaptation and improved well-being.


  • Installation and implementation of 4 prototypes based on nature in facades and partition walls, roofs and roofs, exterior surfaces and car parks of each selected pilot building.
  • Impact assessment of the implemented NBS with the aim of verifying and evaluating the importance of these measures as alternative solutions of climate adaptation in buildings.
  • LCA and Carbon Footprint.

Expected results

  • Nature-based solutions applied to three pilot buildings, including the drawing up of construction projects and the monitoring of the climatic parameters;
  • 20% reduction of CO2 emissions and 7% reduction of NOx at the project sites; Collection of 2.700 m3 of rainfall;
  • 50% reduction of the irrigation water consumption for each building;
  • 50% reduction of energy costs for cooling and 10% for heating.


Video presentation of the project:


LIFE11 CCA/ES/000088

Programa LIFE

Total Budget: 2.854.102 €
EU Contribution: 1.697.369 €
Duration: 01/9/2018 — 31/08/2022


Jose Fermoso Domínguez

Division of Agrifood and Processes


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