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Development of smart fertilizers through the reuse of by-products derived from the activity of the poultry sector


The FERTINOVO project develop intelligent fertilizers through the valorization of by-products derived from the poultry multiplication activity of the laying sector. Different by-products (poultry manure, eggshells, clear eggs) are valued through composting and extraction processes for the development and marketing of new high added value fertilizers.

The new fertilizers are obtained by encapsulating. A product capable of adapting to different soil and climate is obtained, improving nutrient capacity and facilitating its passage to the soil and the plant. An efficient evolved process will protect agronomic systems from deterioration due to the improper use of soil and fertilizers.



  • Design and develop new natural organic fertilizers
  • Valorize poultry industry by-products
  • Develop new organic encapsulating materials
  • To implement new technologies in the field of fertilizer encapsulation
  • Evaluate the technical-agronomic feasibility of the products developed


  • Nutrient extraction from poultry by-products
  • Determination of the potential as encapsulating material of the different by-products
  • Fertilizer Formulation
  • Development of a fertilizer encapsulation method
  • Characterization of the fertilizers and performance of trials in plant at greenhouse level

Expected results

  • Obtention of a fertilizer with the concentration of nutrients necessary for the plants.
  • Develop an encapsulated fertilizer with slow release capacity.
  • Achieve growth results better than a chemical fertilizer.
  • To valorize the maximum amount of by-products of this type of industries.




Total budget: 563.132,15‬€
Contribution: 150.696,48 €
Duration: Nov. 2015- Dic. 2017


Silvia Gómez

Division of Agrifood and Processes

Raúl Sánchez

Division of Agrifood and Processes


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