Nature Based Solutions (NBS)


The NBS-Lab project research on the functional use of natural resources to solve environmental problems arising from current climate change and ecosystem deterioration of urban and peri-urban areas.

The project seeks competitive positioning of regional companies in the field of Nature Based Solutions (NBS). Advancing existing technologies to address urban environmental problems, Castilla y León region serves as a pioneer lab in the implementation of measures that fight climate change and deterioration of urban and peri-urban ecosystems.

Industrial Research that seeks to validate generic NBS technologies and design, implement and test new technical and technological improvements, a living-lab in the field of NBS.


The broad objective of the Project is to research Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) as a way of adaption and mitigation the effects of climate change, as well as the use of natural resources capable of functioning as NBS and contributing to the generation of bio-economy processes in the Region. This aim will be pursued through the study and evaluation of new NBS functionalities and their integration.


  • Research on nature-based bio-economy solutions to deal environmental challenges in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.
  • Analyse, describe and determine the multiple benefits of NBS on human health, lifestyle, well-being and social inclusion.
  • New business models to study the potential of research and orient functionality analyses to market needs.
  • Establish techniques to maintain and improve biodiversity.

Expected results

  • Working in natural pollutant emission purification systems.
  • To work on natural urban wastewater treatment systems (black – grey).
  • To work on sustainable natural drainage systems in urban environments.
  • Working on innovative natural systems of Green Infrastructures to improve urban welfare and biodiversity.
  • Working on integrated soil improvement systems (urban and agro-forestry).
  • To work on the synergies derived of the different NBSs evaluated.

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Total budget: 809.054,92 €
Grant awarded: 606.791,19 €
Duration: january 2018 – september 2020

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Raúl Sánchez

Division of Agrifood and Processes


Environment & climate projects:



Agricultural side streams-olives, wine, chicory and onions- are rich in bioactive compounds (BAC) and have antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. Their full potential has yet to be realised, due to a lack of technologies that preserve the complexity and functionality of these BAC.

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LIFE GySTRA will provide the most effective solution for this problem, creating a global system to precisely quantify vehicle emissions in real driving situations, not only to control them, but to support the creation of a policy to achieve its reduction

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POCTEP ESMIMET generates a network of scientific-technical knowledge and R & D & I around the development of metal mining capabilities that allow the development of regional and joint activities, projects and initiatives of high added value in different areas of I + D + i.

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The technique developed in the LIFE DIOXDETECTOR project for the quantification of PCDDs / PCDFs will represent a revolution compared to other traditional techniques, due to multiple innovative aspects such as the reduction of both sampling and analysis times and the reduction of the costs of analysis, among others.

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SHBUIDINGS develops a degradation prevention system that at the same time serves for the complete management of historic buildings, using advances in sensoring, Internet of things (IoT) and cloud computing, providing objective criteria for decision-making on actions to be carried out in the building where that system is deployed.

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