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Financing of R&D projects in technology centers, in collaboration with companies, in order to promote research and knowledge transfer

The eligible budget for each project included in the application will be a minimum of € 100,000.00 and a maximum of € 2,000,000.00.

For the project to be considered eligible, it must be carried out in effective collaboration with at least two independent companies.

Projects in collaboration with companies in which the technology center participates directly or indirectly will not be eligible.

  • Each applicant entity may submit a maximum of 5 projects.

  • The projects will have a maximum duration of 3 years.

  • The subsidy percentage will be:

a) 65% for Industrial Research projects.

b) 40% for experimental development projects.

c) When 3 companies participate in the project, it will have an additional 5%, and when four or more companies participate, it will have an additional 10%.

d) In all cases, there will be an additional 5% for those projects that, applying the evaluation criteria, exceed 60 points.


    CARTIF participation

    Cartif has been participating in the R&D financing programme of the Junta de Castilla y León since its inception, through the development of technology to companies and supporting the placing on the market of the technologies developed.

    CARTIF, as a technological centre regulated by RD 2093/2008, must ensure that at least 30% of its turnover comes from private companies’ funds. That is why the financing of the Castilla y León Institute of Business Competitiveness is a boost to achieve compliance with this indicator.

    The Centre has collaborated with companies from countless sectors, contributing to the improvement of their competitiveness, giving greater value to their processes and products.

    Program summary sheet

    Summary file in PDF format:


    Thematic blocks:

    Details of thematic priorities: Areas of activity.

    Priority 1: Agri-food and natural resources as catalysts for the extension of innovation over the territory

    Short description:

    Area 1.1: R + D + I in Agriculture

    Area 1.2: R + D + I in Livestock and Aquaculture

    Area 1.3: R + D + I in Food

    Area 1.4: R + D + I in Bioenergy and Bioproducts

    Area 1.5: R + D + I in Forest Management

    Priority 2: Productive efficiency in transport sectors such as Automotive and Aeronautics, making materials and components the keys to leadership and sustainability

    Short description:

    Area 2.1: R + D + I in Sustainability

    Area 2.2: R + D + I in Security

    Area 2.3: R + D + I in Mobility

    Area 2.4: R + D + I in Design and Manufacturing

    Area 2.5: R + D + I in Vehicle Electronics

    Priority 3: Application of knowledge and technology in Health and Social Care, Demographic Change and Well-being, to improve the quality of life of citizens

    Short description:

    Area 3.1 Cancer research and new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions

    Area 3.2: Biomedical research on priority problems

    Area 3.3: Improvement of care for chronic and / or dependent patients

    Area 3.4: Technologies for Social Inclusion

    Priority 4: Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Spanish Language, endogenous resources base of territorial sustainability

    Short description:

    Area 4.1: Cultural Heritage

    Area 4.2: Environmental sustainability

    Area 4.3: Culture and Spanish Language

    Priority 5: R&D in Information and Communication Technologies, Energy and Sustainability for regional global competitiveness based on the transversality of technologies and knowledge

    Short description:

    Area 5.1: ICT

    Domain 5.2: Energy

    Area 5.3: Sustainable Technologies

    ICE JCyL



    Irene Hompanera Velasco

    Irene Hompanera Velasco

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    DELOREAN aims to obtain new raw materials from the treatment of waste generated in a critical sector in the región, the automotive industry. The three wastes investigated (tires, lubricating oils and polypropylene) are generated in high quantities and their polluting nature makes it necessary to develop new ways for their management and use.

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