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Industrial research and technological validation of advanced data and information management systems for manufacturing industries in Castilla y León.


Smart Factory project has addressed industrial research and technological validation of advanced data and information management systems for manufacturing industries in Castilla y León.

Smart Factory aimed to generate new knowledge that answers to the challenges posed by the advent of Industry 4.0. These challenges have to do with the access and management of heterogeneous data generated in interrelated manufacturing processes, its processing to obtain information and knowledge about the manufacturing processes and its presentation in an adequate and safe way for efficient decision making at different levels of the organization.


The project proposed to advance in 4 technological areas to favpr Castilla Y leon industries:

  • To manage the life cycle of the data to handle the increase of the data available in the factories
  • To achieve data processing architectures suitable for the rapid growth and adaptation of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • To carry out a Data Analysis and simulation models that allow increasing capacities to obtain value from the data
  • Achieve adequate visualization and interaction wiht the user


During the start of the project, Big Data activities in the manufacturing sector were addressed:

  • Data management and life cycle
  • Processing architectures
  • Analytics and visualization

Startinf from a TRL4, the technologies developed results were technologically validated in the laboratory. Finally, the solutions developed have been validated in the manufacturing environments provided by the participating companies.

Expected Results

  • Semantic interoperability in the Smart Factory
  • Low-cost embedded systems for monitoring
  • Methodology for the generation of digital models of manufacturing processes
  • Framework for visual representation of complex data in the Smart Factory
  • Methodology for detecting faults in production processes
  • Monitoring and Processing Architecture for Smart Manufacturing Environments


Proyectos I+D Aplicados Realizados por CCTT.2017

Nº: CCTT1/17/VA/0003

Total Budget: 759.703,06€
Contribution: 379.851,53 €
Duration: January 2018 a December 2020


Anibal Reñones

Director del Área Industria 4.0

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