Accelerating Digital Innovation Hubs within the region of PocTep to foster the latest DISRUPTIVE ICT through cross-border Cooperation


DISRUPTIVE (“Accelerating Digital Innovation Hubs within the region of PocTep to foster the latest DISRUPTIVE ICT through cross-border Cooperation”) is a cross-border cooperation project which strives to promote and strengthen the collaboration, exchange and scientific production of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) located in Castilla y León and in the North of Portugal.
The main objective of the project is to create a cross-border DIH model, supported by a joint Research and Innovation (R&I) strategy, to achieve excellence in innovation related to technologies declared of strategic interest by the EU.


  • The development of new R&I initiatives of strategic importance to the EU, within the context of disruptive ICT.
  • Transform the whole cross-border region, promote research activity, increase the productivity and the number of specialized researchers in centres of reference.
  • Create a pull effect that will have a positive impact on the development and competitiveness in the area of the project.


  • Elaborate an interregional R&I strategy towards a cross-border DIH: networking events.
  • Develop an R&I program in the DIHs for the generation of knowledge and excellence in R&i: mentoring seminars.
  • Launch of a cross-border specialisation programme in R&I in disruptive ICT technologies: training programme and exchange of researchers.
  • Generate an excellence R& transfer model: congresses/workshops and hackathons.

Expected results

  • Cross-border DIH that brings together competences, making the CyL-PN region an innovative pole of reference for cutting-edge ICT technologies.
  • Attract funding by proposing 3 R&I projects.
  • Creation of initiatives based on the transfer of specialized centres to generate muscle that allows the development of the region.
  • Generation of specialized knowledge around disruptive technologies that becomes a competitive tool to attract talent.



Overall budget: € 561.685,98
Contribution: € 90.842,00
Duration: 1-Apr-2017 a 31-Dec-2021


Marta Galende

Division of Industrial and Digital Systems


Industry projects:



The 3DCONS Project (New Construction Processes by means of 3D Printing) focuses on 3D printing technologies in the construction industry and covers several areas: robotics, the search for new materials, process automation, the technological drive of building and the development of design tools based on Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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