New Construction Processes by means of 3D Printing


The 3DCONS Project (New Construction Processes by means of 3D Printing) focuses on 3D printing technologies in the construction industry and covers several areas: robotics, the search for new materials, process automation, the technological drive of building and the development of design tools based on Building Information Modelling (BIM).

CARTIF, in collaboration with PROINGESA and VIAS, is responsible for the development of the 3D printer for façades, which allows renovation in a short time and with customised geometries and formats.
It has also been in charge, together with CYPE, of the development of computer tools used in the project. Finally, together with GEOCISA, he has worked on the development of new construction processes and the possibility of their automation. 


  • Development of 3D printing systems for the refurbishment of enclosures and the manufacture of prefabricated elements “à la carte”.
  • Robotic systems for printing full-scale construction elements or rehabilitating facades by means of direct printing on vertical elements.
  • New ranges of materials developed for 3D printing.
  • Reduction of occupational risks associated with work at height.
  • Optimisation of material consumption (zero waste).


  • Design and manufacture of two 3D printers (one for facades and one for prefabricated products). Testing and adjustment of these printers in various environments and materials.
  • Development of the design and control programs necessary to achieve the proposed objectives, integrating the BIM methodology in all stages of 3D printing.
  • Tests of different materials based on cement mortars, lime, gypsum and mixed mixtures, specially developed for extrusion application.

Expected results

  • Robotic systems for 3D printing of facades and prefabricated customized elements.
  • New materials applicable by means of 3D printing technology.
  • New construction processes (based on 3D scanning, thermography, BIM, simulation) that surpass the current ones.
  • Process automation, new production systems and quality standards.
  • Total integration of BIM in the construction process (direct step from design to 3D print control orders).



Total budget: 8.022.631 €
Contribution EU: 453.895 €
Duration:01/12/2004 – 31/11/2018


José Mª Llamas

Researcher at CARTIF Foundation

Industrial and Digital Systems Division


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