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Training platform for railway maintenance personnel


The companie that carry out the railway maintenance work raise the need to improve the training procedures of their personnel, as well as reduce the time and expenses associated.

From this need arises the SIMAFE project, whose objective is the development of a training and training platform for railway maintenance personnel, based on advanced HMI techniques, training, electronic training, smart tutoring, training in case-based simulators, etc.

CARTIF develops the intelligent tutoring module that evaluates the student as he performs the different exercises and proposes to the tutor the following exercises to be performed based on the acquired skills and the student´s progress.


Global Objective:

  • Development of a training platform for railway maintenance personnel, based on advanced HMI techniques with intelligent tutoring.

Specific Objectives:

  • Virtual training platform – intelligent simulator of a tie tamper.
  • Intelligent training system based on levels of experience and/or learning, with “semi-automatic” monitoring and evaluation of each student and dynamic adaptation.


  • Development of a railway maintenance simulator, including the necessary elements to simulate track maintenance work.
  • Characterization of the different techniques to be applied in the railway maintenance work processes, for their simulation.
  • Definition of the elements that would make up a representative “generic tie tamper” that can be taken as the basis for personnel training.
  • Development and implementation of an intelligent tutoring system.

Expected Results

  • Platform that collects the fundamental elements that a batter has. Advanced HMI interfaces are included with display screens, keypads, pedals or levers. 
  • Definition of the exercises according to the most common  batting tasks, establishing different degrees of difficulty and training levels.
  • Evaluation tool, which considers the results obtained in each exercise and the skills acquired in the training process.




Overall budget: 896,281.66€
CARTIF Grant: 829,099.43 €
Period: Noveber 2012 – July 2016


Javier Rodríguez Nieto

Industrial Engineer


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