Smart Grids

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Smart Grids


The Smart Grid area does research and develops optimal control systems to manage hybridised, distributed microgrids. These systems allow the optimal combination of renewable energy and energy storage in batteries. We also work on the integration of thermal and electric grids.

We develop systems to manage demand flexibility featured by some domestic and industrial devices and processes. These systems allow the generation of ancillary services with no utility or comfort loss that can be marketed, enabling customers to participate actively in electricity markets.

To enhance the systems mentioned, we work on prosumer communities energy production and demand forecasting, as well as on battery models and digital twins.



  • Optimal control for energy systems.
  • Model based predictive control for energy systems.
  • Demand response and flexibility management in electricity systems. Virtual storage.
  • Stationaty battery systems modelling and management.
  • Demand and renewable energy generation forecasting in local energy generation and use systems.
  • Development of tools for energy communities management and planning.
  • Tools for prosumer management, including optimisation of local renewable energy sources and storage use.

Activity fields

  • Energy Communities.
  • Energy forecast and characterisation.
  • Local energy grid planning and control.
  • Flexibility management.

Reference clients:


Ali Vasallo Belver

Ali Vasallo Belver

Head of Energy Division
Sergio Saludes Rodil

Sergio Saludes Rodil

Head of Smart Grids Area

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The proliferation of renewable energies and the electric charges that operates with continuous current originates a growing interest in electric grids that operates with continuous current. This is due to the higher efficiency, security, flexibility and feasability that grids have than those ones that operates with alternate current.

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