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Integrating robotics into society


At AIROSO Project, progress will be made in integrating robotics into society, progressing in two directions: the coexistence of social robots with older people and human-robot interaction using robotic heads. You want to experiment with this type of users to develop new perceptual models, interaction and learning strategies.

User identification systems will be developed using Deep Learning techniques and progress will be made in developing services that robots can offer to dependent people. Finally, a robotic head will be developed combining mechatronic elements and a realistic virtual avatar that will be projected on a face mask to promote user empathy.



  • Provide robots with deep models of social cognition.
  • Improve the interactio of users with robots and their satisfactio with use, with special attention to the elderly.
  • Improve the automatic adaptation of the robot to the user based on their tastes, preferences or psychophysical characteristics.
  • Delve into the facial expressiveness of robots to achieve a more empathetic and efficient human-robot communication.


  • Develop user identification systems through Deep Learning.
  • Develop services to assist dependent people.
  • Integrate cloud resources to optimize tasks without real-time requirements.
  • Develop planning models based on previous interactions.
  • Develop a robotic head that combines physical elements and virtual avatars projected on a face mask to promote user emphaty.

Expected results

  • Perceptual recognition models.
  • Perceptual models of knowledge acquisition about users.
  • Models of interaction, planning and action.
  • Models of learning and adaptation.
  • Mechatronic head with rear-projected virtual face.
  • Models of perception and action of the head.



Collaboration Challenges 2018


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Total budget: 145.321 €
CARTIF Grant: 145.321 €
Duration: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2021

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Javier Román Cembranos

Division Industrial and Digital Systems


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