Energy Efficiency

Energy saving


Energy Efficiency


We offer our knowledge and ITC tools to support the design and maintenance of new buildings and energy efficient retrofitting projects, nearly zero-energy buildings and Positive Energy Districts (PEDs). To this aim we integrate innovative technologies to model, characterize and propose advanced and holistic solutions that combine the most promising technologies (passive and active) available in the market.

Our ICT developments allow us to manage buildings more efficiently, through the modelling and digitalization of their information, and implement advanced control strategies to optimize the use of energy while improving the indoor comfort conditions.

We energy audit existing buildings, analyse the energy consumption and propose measures to improve their energy efficiency and indoor comfort conditions.


Research lines

  1. Research in advance and intelligent strategies for the management, operation and maintenance of buildings based in AI/ML/DL for the generation of decision support systems.
  2. Application of digital enabling technologies for the improvement of buildings sustainability and intelligence.
  3. Building digitalization and generation of digital twins.
  4. Application of blockchain technology in the energy area.


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Reference clients:


Ali Vasallo Belver

Ali Vasallo Belver

Head of Energy Division
Susana Martín Toral

Susana Martín Toral

Head of Energy Efficiency Area

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