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New business models for innovative energy service bundles for residential consumers


frESCO aims to engage with ESCOs and aggregators and enable the deployment of innovative business models on the basis of novel integrated energy service bundles that properly combine and remunerate local flexibility for optimizing local energy performance both in the form of energy efficiency and demand side management.

Such new service and businees models will bring under common Pay4Performance Contracts 2 currently differentiated service offerings to enable the creation of next-generation smart energy service packages.
frESCO´s new business models will be demonstrated in 4 different pilots with complementary characteristics facilitating the replicabillity of frESCO´s solutions across Europe.


  • Technical objectives focusig on the provision of frESCO´s energy services and associated technologies, to be used as a basis for the operation and marketing of companies through a business plan.
  • Commercial, innovation and exploitation objectives focusing on the evaluation and validation of the solution, the dissemination of the excellence obtained and its entry into the market.


  • Simulation-based evaluation of new business models associated with ESCOs.
  • Development of a set of analyses to ensure personalised energy management, respecting user comfort conditions and taking into account the requirements of the end user to ensure that human behaviour is taken into account.

Expected Results

The main objective of the project is to deepen in the business models for the provision of advanced energy services and to work in the associated technologies, so most of the results obtained in the project will be the serices developed, and the methodology of exploitation of these services or solutions.




No. 860441

Total Budget: 3.987.195 €
Contribution: 3.987.195 €
Duration: Junio 2020 – Noviembre 2023


Victor Serna

Energy Division


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