Low cost comprehensive energy management system



The SISGENER project stems from the interest of having integral energy management systems to be used in buildings with a consumption that does not justify the current expensive Building Management Systems (BMS).
The objective of the SISGENER project is to development of a low-cost integral energy management system, that optimally the management of generation and energy demand that exist in buildings with centralized services. SISGENER implements new predictive techniques in simplified dynamic models and facilitating preventive maintenance tasks.




  • Development of an energy management system for buildings based on a low-cost modular electronic system.
  • Development of simplified models of buildings and energy systems that characterize their energy behavior.
  • Dynamic optimization of the joint operation of generation systems (conventional and renewable), based in prediction of behavior.
  • Active demand management, modifying the consumption curve. Loads will be prioritized and managed according to energy and economic criteria.


  • Dynamic characterization of buildings and their energy facilities. Development of simplified models.
  • Development of energy management services (prediction, air conditioning, active demand management, facilities diagnosis).
  • Development of monitoring and management infrastructure.
  • System validation in demonstration pilots.

Expected results

  • Low cost modular energy management system for use in buildings with moderate energy consumption.
  • Integral building management algorithms.
  • Reduction of energy consumption in buildings with centralized energy services.


Retos-Colaboración 2017


Total Budget: 969.510,66€
CARTIF Budget: 199.519,06 €
Duration: 2018/10-2021/03


Jesús Samaniego

Division of Energies


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