Medicine and wellness


Wellbeing and Health


The Area is focused on applied technology research in the field of well-being and health. The activity that develops is articulated in two lines of work. On the one hand, the Robotics line encompasses social interaction and the interaction of forces between robots and people, for the development of social or health care services. On the other hand, we have the Decision Support line, in the Socio-Assistance field and in the field of Resource and Process Management.



  • Development of applications and robotics of social interaction.
  • Robotics of interaction of forces man – robot (rehabilitation, toning).
  • Support for the Socio-Assistance decision (Biomedical Signal Processing, Machine Learning).
  • Decision support in the field of resource and process management (standards-based interoperability, discrete process modeling or Digital Twin).

Activity fields

  • Development of social interaction robotics.
  • Development of rehabilitation robotics.
  • ICTs for hospital systems.


  • P201030006: Dispositivo robotizado para la inspección de conductos.


  • R. Alonso, A. Cisnal, J. P. Turiel, J. C. Fraile, V. Lobo and V. Moreno. EMG based bio-cooperative direct force control of an exoskeletonfor hand rehabilitation: A preliminary study. ICNR 2018, 2018.
  • Juan-Carlos Fraile, Javier Pérez-Turiel, Pablo Viñas. Rubén Alonso-Alonso y otros. E2Rebot: A robotic platform for upper limb rehabilitation in patients with neuromotor disability. Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2016 vol 8(8) 1-13.
  • Pablo F. Viñas, Miguel Zaratarain, Rubén Alonso-Alonso, Alejandro Cuadrado, Javier Pérez-Turiel, Juan-Carlos Fraile, Emilio José Barajas Sánchez, Juan Francisco Arenillas Lara. Desarrollo de métricas aplicables a un entorno de rehabilitación neuro-muscular basada en el robot Physiobot. 7º Simposio CEA de BioIngeniería, Málaga, 25-26 Junio 2015.
  • Salvador Dominguez, Sven Behnke, Eduardo Zalama, Jaime Gómez García-Bermejo. Fast 6D Odometry Based on Visual Features and Depth. 12th Int. Conf. on Intelligent and Autonmous Systems. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing (Indexed ISI Proc., et al.) Jeju Island, Korea. 2012. (Finalista Best Paper Award).
  • Salvador Domínguez Quijada, Eduardo Zalama Casanova, Jaime Gómez García-Bermejo. Corrección de la posición mediante marcas planas utilizando el sensor IR del Wiimote. Actas de las XXXIII Jornadas de Automática, Universidad de Vigo Ed., página inicial 711 final 719 ISBN 978-84-8158-583-4. Vigo. 2012.

Reference clients:


Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Head of Industrial and Digital Systems Division
Pablo Viñas Noseda

Pablo Viñas Noseda

Head of Wellbeing and Health Area

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