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Contribution to the substitution of fossil fuels by biofuels to help reduce global warming


Biofuels offer greater energy security, lower greenhouse gas and particulate matter emissions, rural development, better vehicle performance and a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. The current situation, with a growing rate of use of biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels, makes it necessary to know their characteristics; this is why CARTIF’s solid biofuels laboratory, through the purchase of various equipment thanks to this action, will play a very important role in advancing this knowledge, as it analyses all types of biomasses, such as wood pellets, wood chips, olive pits and fruit shells, among others, and is certified to analyse samples within the ENplus and Biomasud quality systems.


  • Acquisition and commissioning of new equipment.
  • Deepen the knowledge of biofuels produced in Castilla y León and the rest of Spain.
  • Expand the technological offer of the CARTIF laboratory, to reduce analysis times, which will translate into help for customers who can use the results either in the design of boilers, selection of biomass to use in the boiler, selection of biomass to use in the production of pellets, determining the type and frequency of maintenance to be performed on the boilers, and/or determining the process of ash and slag evacuation.
  • Continue to make progress in the collection of information on biofuels in Castilla y León and, if possible, in other parts of Spain.


  • Acquisition and commissioning of new equipment.
  • Characterisation of new solid biofuels.
  • Valorisation of organic waste for use as biofertilisers, raw material for biogas production processes or others.
  • Possible characterisation of biomass from forest fires. This would allow acquiring new knowledge about them and their possible uses.
  • Transfer of the knowledge acquired to companies established in Castilla y León.

Expected Results

  • Obtain at least one private contract with a company of international prestige with facilities in Castilla y León.
  • Transfer and dissemination of the new technology by participating in forums, congresses and events organised by regional and national sectoral associations; collaboration with research centres that carry out projects related to the use and exploitation of biofuels.

CYL Infrastructures 2022

Expediente: 2022 CCTT 12

Total Budget: 178,775€

CARTIF Budget: 178,775 €

CARTIF Financing: 89,367.5 €

Duration: 19/09/2022 – 31/05/2023

Co-financed with ERDF funds contributing to Objective OT1 “Promote technological development, innovation and quality research” of the Castilla y León ERDF Operational Programme.


Anabel Elisa Ruiz

Technical Laboratory Manager


CCTT Infrastructures:

Innovation in rapid methods for the detection of biomarkers of interest in agri-food, environmental health and biomedicine

Innovation in rapid methods for the detection of biomarkers of interest in agri-food, environmental health and biomedicine

Las líneas de investigación de CARTIF en calidad de aire interior y mejora de la calidad alimentaria buscan ir un paso más allá en las capacidades analíticas y experiencia que se tienen actualmente para trabajar en aplicaciones dentro de los sectores de la salud ambiental, la agroalimentación y la biomedicina.

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