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Circular Economy


The Circular Economy, in addition to a global concept on which the main efforts of society are based, is one of the areas in which CARTIF has been working very hard for many years.

The efforts of this area are focused on eradicate the typical linear point of view on processes (and therefore on the economy), favoring a circular approach based on promoting the zero waste concept, through the sustainable management of residual streams and by-products, as well as the Research in new product alternatives.

These activities include, among others, the valorization of waste, favoring techniques of minimization, reuse and advanced treatments of effluents or the minimization of polluting air emissions.


Research Lines

  1. Design and development of biological processes for organic waste treatment:anaerobic (co)digestion with/without pre-treatment, microalgae, dark fermentation and bio-electrochemical processes.
  2. Development of separation/upgrading technologies for gaseous mixtures.
  3. Design and development of thermochemical processes for the treatment of organic waste (biomass and plastics).
  4. Design of residues pretreatment strategies (lignocellulose and others).
  5. Development of depolimerization of plastics processes: obtaining monomers and gases.
  6. Development of composite valorization technologies: fibre recovery.
  7. Recovery of nutrients of residual currents and second life cycle as fertilizers (struvite, digestate, biologically stabilised manure).
  8. Reuse of water: advanced treatments for the removal of emerging and recalcitrant pollutants.
  9. Research on metal recovery processes from batteries, brine, electronic and other waste streams and equipment.


  • EP14380020: Surface treatment of asphalt road pavements with a photocatalitic composition for the abatement at atmospheric pollutants.


Reference clients:


Alberto Moral Quiza

Alberto Moral Quiza

Head of Agrifood & Processes Division
Dolores Hidalgo Barrio

Dolores Hidalgo Barrio

Head of Circular Economy Area

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