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Industry 4.0


For CARTIF, the fourth industrial revolution allows the production assets to be interconnected in the factory and in the value chain (suppliers, customers, logistics, etc.) so that responsible managers of the factory can give an agile response to different changes such as unexpected breakdowns or variations in product specifications by the customer.

CARTIF, as a technology transfer center, works on the development of innovative enabling technologies that allow manufacturing companies to advance in the application of the “Industry 4.0” philosophy in their production processes, with the ultimate goal of improving the efficiency of their processes and not simply as a mere application of “cool” technologies.


Research Lines

  1. Research in modelling and diagnosis in predictive maintenance of actives under varying operating conditions.
  2. Research in prediction of actives life cycle models under constant operating speeds.
  3. Development of data acquisition systems for the supervision of processes.
  4. Development of new sensors addressed to IoT.
  5. Optimisation of operations management in manufacturing.


  • P201030006: Dispositivo robotizado para la inspección de conductos.
  • P201430965: Sistema para control y gestión de carga de vehículos eléctricos.
  • P201430972: Dispositivo y procedimiento para medición de vibraciones.

Networks and Platforms


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  • Marta Galende y Aníbal Reñones; Ai4Manufacturing toolkit: la colección de tecnologías, herramientas y plataformas de inteligencia artificial del proyecto Ai Regio para la industria manufacturera; Proceedings of the V Workshop on Disruptive Information and Communication Technologies for Innovation and Digital Transformation; 2023-01-15, DOI: 10.14201/0aq03374352
  • Laura Sanz, Marta Galende, Aníbal Reñones, Antonio Corral; Visualización inteligente para máquinas-herramienta: soporte a la toma de decisiones; V Taller sobre Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación Disruptivas para la Innovación y la Transformación Digital; DOI:
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Reference clients:


Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Head of Industrial and Digital Systems Division
Aníbal Reñones Domínguez

Aníbal Reñones Domínguez

Head of Industry 4.0 Area

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