Building and Infraestructure


In order to respond to the needs of the construction sector, at CARTIF we develop technological solutions focused on Sustainable and Intelligent Construction.

We work in different fields of application with special emphasis on the sensorization and monitoring of infrastructures, integration of renewable energies in building, 3D printing technologies in construction, devices and IoT networks for the intelligent home, rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of buildings, 3D digitalization and measurement, FEM simulation, development of new materials with innovative properties and solutions for logistics and transport. All this is integrated into the overall concept of urban and territorial regeneration (Smart Cities / Smart Territories).


Research Lines

  1. Development of IA based solutions for the support decision-making in construction.
  2. Development of solutions for the improvement of structural health through vibration control.
  3. Development of solutions of infrastructures digitalization. 
  4. Development of robotic solutions, 3D data process and additive manufacturing for the construction sector. 


  • U201930036: Modelo de utilidad de Dispositivo mitigación de oscilaciones.
  • P201430972: Dispositivo y procedimiento para medición de vibraciones.

Reference clients:


Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Fernando Gayubo Rojo

Head of Industrial and Digital Systems Division
José Mª Llamas

José Mª Llamas

Head of Building and Infraestructure Area

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INPERSO is a holistic project of deep renovation of buildings that address all its life cycle and combines industrialization and customization. INPERSO will integrate new technological components that joint with pre-manufacturing advantages, preintegration and 3D printing robotic will reduce drastically time and costs of the construction.

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Metabuilding Labs

Metabuilding Labs

To reach the COP21 goal of nearly-zero energy, zero emission buildings MBLabs Labs strives to unleash the innovation potential of the SMEs of the Construction sector by lowering the entry barriers to test innovative solutions in a network of testing facilities in RTOs and Living Labs in 13 countries

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The main objective of I-NERGY is to deliver an energy specific open modular frameork for supporting AI-on-demand in the energy sector.
I-NERGY contributes significantly to achieve a techno-economic optimal mangement of the EPES (Electric Power & Energy Services)

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The main objective of the REZBUILD project is to create a collaborative rehabilitation ecosystem, integrating innovative technologies, and focusing on the existing housing stock. The aim is to increase the annual rate of building renovation from the current 1% to try to reach 2.5%.

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