Detect damage to geomembranes with facilities of high environmental importance before breakage occurs


SALUS project appears due to the lack of techniques able to detect geomembrane damages before these cause the rupture, and therefore, the environmental pollution
To remedy this, the project’s goal is to develop a geo-multispectral system for defects early detection in geomembranes used in landfills and other high importance environmental sites.
The project partnership is made up of CARTIF and GEOTECNIA Y CIMIENTOS, S.A. The European Regional Development Funds through the RETOS COLABORACIÓN call which belongs to the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry contributes funding of 554.221,41 € .



Develop a Geo-Multispectral system for defects early detection in geomembranes used in landfills and other high importance environmental sites.


  • Characterization of the geomembranes installation procedure in landfills.

  • Election of the more convenient illumination regarding the multispectral range in order to highlight the defects on the geomembranes surface.

  • Acquired images georeferencing

  • Design and development of a mobile platform to carry all the equipment necessary to detect geomembranes defects

Achieved results

  • Visual Inspection System Development based on multispectral illumination which is able to the early detection of potential geomembrane defects

  • Geomembranes secure installation methodology




Total budget: 936.951,16 €
Contribution: 281.486,76 €
Duration: 2015 – 2017

Team manager

David Olmedo Vélez

Project manager at Cartif

Industrial and Digital Systems Division


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