Development of technology for obtaining biofuel


The FT BIOREFINERIA Project consists of developing a technology that allows the obtaining of 2nd generation liquid biofuels (synthetic diesel) and electrical energy, through the application of gasification and co-gasification processes, of different types of solid and/or liquid waste (herbaceous biomass, lignocellulosic, glycerine, etc.). For this purpose, green chemical procedures will be applied to minimize and/or revalue the waste generated. This process will serve as the basis for the development of thermo-chemical biorefineries.


  • Development of a technology that allows the (co)-gasification of different types of waste.
  • Study of a novel gas cleaning treatment process using different types of bio-solvents.
  • Development of the Fischer-Tropsch process to obtain 2nd generation biofuels.


1: Selection and analysis of the most suitable raw materials in Spain.
2: Characterization of the thermal and oxidative degradation process at laboratory level.
3: Determination of fluid dynamic parameters at high temperatures.
4: Parametric study of the pyrolysis and gasification process.
5: Development of a gas cleaning technology.
6: Study of the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Expected results


    Development of a technology that allows the (co)-gasification of different types of waste, including liquid wastes.

  • Study of new gas cleaning treatment processes using different types of biosolvents.

  • Development of the Fischer-Tropsch unit, coupled to the pilot plant, to obtain 2nd generation biofuels.

  • Obtaining experimental models kinetic and fluid dynamic.




Budget: 394.108 €
Grant: 137.937,80 €
Loan: 394.108 €
Project Period: 01/06/2009– 31/12/2011


David Díez

Division of Agrifood and Processes

Ana Urueña

Division of Agrifood and Processes


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