For an improvement in the sustainable management of the integral water cycle


AQUAMUNDAM: the project will search for solutions for a sustainable and integrated water management in the POCTEP region project. The project will stimulate the development of tools and the demonstration of methodologies promoting communication among government and other implied agents. It will furthermore encourage a most efficient integral water cycle management in supply and sanitation water. Moreover, urban planning will be implication in water infrastructures for the implementation of the integrated water management solutions will be strenghted. This project is located in Portuguese-Spanish border, including Galicia, Portugal’s North and Centre Area and Castilla y León.



  • AQUAMUNDAM project aims at protecting the environment through the improvement of the water cycle in cross-border regions. The project will stimulate a rational use of the water, through the development of tools and methodologies and through the valorization of existing solutions and techniques.


  • Development of instruments and methodological tools for enhancing water cycle management.
  • Diagnose and develope local plans for improving water cycle managament.
  • Improving water integral cycle manament in small and medium size municipalities tackling supply and sanitation water.
  • Demonstration thourgh three actions: one full pilot in Spain and two semi-pilot one in Portugal and the second one in Portugal.

Expected results

  • Establish a starting information point for different implied water agents Establish a starting information point for different implied water agents 
  • Enlarge data related to water supply from river for human consumption, supply networks efficiency and water spilled after sanitary treatment.
  • Reducing answering lapse of time after supply and sanitary water network incidents and diminshing water losses and improving water spills quality. 
  • Improve water cycle management cost knowledge. 


Interreg VA Spain-Portugal 2014-2020 (PocTep)


Total budget: 1.312.779.01€
Contribution: 968.405,9€
Lasting from2017to2019


Teba Torres Zapata

Division of Agrifood and Processes


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