Wire rod manufacturing is a well-known metallurgical process widely spread


Wire rod manufacturing is a well-known metallurgical process widely spread. In spite of its apparent simplicity, many technical problems must be solved to achieve an efficient manufacturing process. Among these problems, quality control is one of the problems that can be solved using eddy currents based inspection. The inspection can be improved by adopting pattern recognition techniques. This is the main purpose of the project CALYPSO.


    • To develop algorithms to detect and classify surface defects found using eddy current inspection during the wire rod manufacturing process.
    • The algorithm has to be able to find out the different defect types with no prior knowledge.
    • To implement the algorithm in a suitable platform and to test it under real industrial conditions.



    • To develop algorithms for pattern recognition.
    • To develop classification algorithms.
    • To implement the algorithms in FPGA hardware.

    Expected results

    • Defect detection and classification algorithms.
    • Algorithms to classify surface defects with no prior knowledge, to be used in the eddy current-based inspection of wire rod during manufacturing.




    Presupuesto total: 430.307,55
    Contribución: 55.267,80+360.432,85
    Duración: fechas de inicio y fin: Septiembre 2012-Agosto 2014


    Sergio Saludes Rodil

    Division of Energy


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